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Grape Scented Decorative Fruit Soap of 12

Grape Scented Decorative Fruit Soap of 12
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Grape Scented Decorative Fruit Soap of 12


Experience the essence of real grapes with our handcrafted grape-scented decorative fruit soap by Dekorat'f! This unique soap captures the realistic appearance of grapes, complete with lifelike seeds, bringing a touch of vineyard charm to your space. Perfect for enhancing your bathroom or kitchen decor, this grape-scented soap is a delightful addition. The grape fragrance infuses your surroundings with a burst of freshness, creating a delightful ambiance. A wonderful choice as a gift soap, this decorative piece is handmade for those who appreciate the beauty of realism. Please note that while it looks like a real grape slice, this soap is inedible and crafted solely for decorative purposes. Order now to transform your space with the essence of our grape soap!

Product Features
- Handmade and uniquely designed
- Realistic grape appearance
- Grape-scented
- Lifelike seeds for added realism
- Decorative bathroom and kitchen accessory
- Ideal as a gift soap
- Inedible, for decorative purposes only

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