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Natural Bittim Soap of 6

Natural Bittim Soap of 6
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Natural Bittim Soap of 6


Bittim is the fruit of a wild pistachio tree species. Soap produced from the oil of Siirt pistachio in our country and from the oil of wild pistachio fruit in Southeast Asia is called Bıttım soap. It does not contain additives or chemical components in its production. Bıttım soap is wondered in terms of its benefits, types, preparation, use and properties. In recent years, soap types have become popular among naturally sourced skin care products. Here's what you need to know about Bıttım soap!

- It prevents the hair from drying out.
- It prevents premature graying of hair.
- It purifies and nourishes the hair from root to tip.
- It prevents the formation of acne and acne on the skin. It treats existing acne.
- It kills germs on the skin and hair thanks to its antiseptic feature.
- It prevents hair loss and electrification. It helps hair to grow fast.
- It is an effective product for body cleansing.
- It is used as peeling. It smoothes the skin.
- It helps to pass all skin spots, including sun spots.
- It gives shine to the skin.
- It is good for itching and redness.
- It reduces varicose veins by relaxing the leg and foot veins.
- It treats psoriasis and eczema.

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