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Natural Coconut Milk Soap of 6

Natural Coconut Milk Soap of 6
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Natural Coconut Milk Soap of 6


It can be used directly during bathing, or it can be used instead of shampoo or shower gel products. There is no harm in applying it directly to the hair. For this reason, it is especially beneficial to take a bath with warm water. Regular use of coconut soap, which is preferred in the bathroom, is effective in eliminating problems in the skin, hair, and body. Thus, its natural content is utilized. Coconut soap can be used at any age.

Note: Coconut milk soap does not contain animal ingredients. All of our products are handmade and produced in small batches, each individually cut and packaged. For this reason, each product may vary slightly in color and shape. If our soaps are not left wet when not in use, their usage time will be extended.

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